In collaboration with a French company, we have developed this harness to ease the learning of skiing to children, to protect them on the slopes but also to have the possibility to ski on more difficult slopes in order to expand the ski area.

In addition to easily and quickly learn how to ski to children from 3 to 8 years, this harness allows you to ski in a comfortable position with its 2 meter long lanyard equipped with an adjustable handle. Two carabineers give you the ability to quickly detach the harness when you get to the lifts or when its use is no longer necessary. The lanyard can be wound back to the harness by a Velcro type fastener placed on one of the rear braces .

Adjustable quick release buckles attached at the waist and shoulders allow you to set a simple and fast way, the harness on the child's body .

The harness has been designed to fit in two learning levels:

- NOVICE allowing the child to learn the basics of skiing, and guide to help move while controlling the speed of the child when he does not have the concept of snowplough.

- INTERMEDIATE a level that gives the child the feeling of skiing alone, thanks to an EXCLUSIVE sliding system. This device helps to follow the child without interfering in his movements while controlling his speed to ensure his safety. So you can access more difficult tracks than the green slopes or the baby garden, to enlarge the skiing domain.


A slight slope on the horizon? Do not panic . Positioning strap on the front of the harness will help you to pull your child without any difficulty. He will then be able to hold the lanyard and discover the joys of the “lift”.

We have equipped this harness a back handle to raise the child in case of a fall or help to approach the lifts.

The dominance of fluorescent orange color was an essential choice to optimize child safety on the slopes.

We hope that this harness fits your expectations and that you choose it as your partner for your next vacation in the mountains ...


The Esyski team wishes you good skiing