2 levels for learning






For this level, the lanyard is attached directly to the harness by two carabiners and two loops attached to the front of the belt.



If the child has never skied, make a turn or realize a snowplow is not the easiest. By taking the lanyard with both hands and applying slight pressure to the left or right, you can guide the child in his path to teach him the basics of skiing. You can explain the technique of snowplows and control his speed by holding him with the lanyard.

To pull the child when you are for example on a slight slope, just switch lanyard on the front, hold along with a hand and now you just have to pull him…


For this level, the lanyard becomes removable and not fixed to the harness. It is attached to a slidable ring along a cable, allowing the lanyard to move laterally around the child’s body. Equipped with carabiners on the ends, the slide system is quickly attached to the harness.



By skiing in the back of the child and taking the lanyard with one hand, you can ski with optimum comfort while following the trajectory of your child without depriving him of his movements. His autonomy is preserved, giving him the feeling of skiing alone and not feeling attached. When he wishes to go on more difficult slopes,you can easily control the speed by holding him with the handle and the lanyard.


To pull the child, drag the lanyard along his body to position it at the front, and now, you just need to pull him.

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